We are a family and agricultural company, we grow on our 90 hectares of land, different varieties of plants to extract essential oils but we also keep a part of it that we dry to make infusions.

We have also developed for your well-being, a range of massage products, relaxation accessories based on small spelt bale and cuddly water for your bath. You can complete it with different accessories.


  • Herbal medecine

    Aromatic plants have been known for millennia for their various virtues, they regulate the body, have detoxifying, draining actions...


    Herbal tea is the most authentic and simple form to enjoy the many virtues of plants. It contains all the water-soluble principles of plants. Each plant has different properties, some for the respiratory tract, others digestive or for the nervous system...


    You can also consume herbal teas out of pure pleasure of taste ...

     Our dried plants are certified in Organic Agriculture, with the mention Nature and Progress.

  • Massage

    We have developed several products, in the form of oils or massage balms.

    All our oils and balms are labeled Slow-Cosmetique.

  • Relaxation

    Here you have a whole range of products based on small spelt bale to provide relaxation and soothing. The grain of Petit Epeautre is covered with an envelope, it is called the bale. We chose the bale of Petit Epeautre for its exceptional qualities, it perfectly follows the shape of the body by its lightness and stability. We offer pillows, neck loops, meditation cushions and also products with a mixture of bale and Lavender or Lavandin flower.


    The fabric and embroidery envelopes, 100% Aroma 'Plants creations, are made at home (shapes, cutting, sewing and filling).

  • Herbal medecine...

    You will find everything you need to preserve and infuse your plants. Tweezers or tea balls, mugs to drink your infusions, tweezers to close your bags or boxes if you prefer to store them in an airtight place away from light and insects..

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