St. John's Wort Organic
  • St. John's Wort Organic
  • St. John's Wort Organic

St. John's Wort Organic

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Origin: Aromaplantes

Part of the plant: Flowers andleaves

Bag of : 30 gr

About the plant :

St. John’s Wort, also known as St. John’s Grass, was used to treat sores and melancholy. In the Middle Ages it was called «demon-hunter» or «devil-hunter» because it distanced evil spirits. It treated neurological disorders that were considered diabolical during this period, such as anxiety, depression.

For your information :

Here are some properties of St. John's Wort :

  • The St. John’s Wort is used internally for the relief of low morale and mood swings. It plays the role of a mental tonic.

  • It improves the quality of sleep and helps to fall asleep.

  • For external use, St John’s Herb is suitable to protect the skin against the sun’s rays, to moisturize dry skin, oily or devitalized hair, to treat wounds, burns, ulcers and itching.

  • It alleviates muscle pain such as cramps, neuralgia.

Product from organic farming certified byFR BIO 10 - Agriculture France

Plant for food use

Therapeutic use of plants on medical advice.

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- Tisanes : guide pratique pour toute la famille (Dr Claire Laurant-Berthoud, Editions Jouvence)


St. John's Wort Organic


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