Cynorrhodons Organic
  • Cynorrhodons Organic
  • Cynorrhodons Organic

Cynorrhodons Organic



Origin: Aromaplantes

Part of the plant: fruit

Bag of : 100 gr

About the plant :

« Cynorrhodon comes from the Greek kunorodon, which literally means «Dog Rose», referring to its properties to protect against the bites of rabid dogs. The plant was also referred to as a “booty scraper” because of the hairs attached to the fruit that children used in the past as scraping hair. This tradition was also found among the Amerindians who claimed that those who consumed the hair were afflicted with painful itching on the hind.

For your information :

Here are some properties of Cynorrhodons :

  • Very rich in vitamin C, the berry would be 20 times richer in this vitamin than orange. It also contains other vitamins, minerals and trace elements giving it interesting properties.

  • The fruits of the Eglantier are advised in case of cold or during convalescence after an infectious disease.

  • Cynorrhodon provides a significant amount of antioxidants.

  • The fruits of Cynorrhodon soothe rheumatic disorders, such as back pain and joint pain.

  • Eglantier seeds treat palpitations and sleep disorders.

  • Among other things, Cynorrhodon helps fight against premature aging.

In the kitchen, they make a delicious jam. You can also prepare a recipe for sweet Swedish soup containing the pulp of this fruit cooked in sweet milk.

Product from organic farming certified byFR BIO 10 - Agriculture France

Plant for food use

Therapeutic use of plants on medical advice.

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- Tisanes : guide pratique pour toute la famille (Dr Claire Laurant-Berthoud, Editions Jouvence)


Cynorrhodons Organic


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