Organic aromatherapy

Here Arôma'plantes presents to you the essence of its savoir-faire. You will find essential oils, floral water and tinctures. A wide array of products for all your needs.


  • Tinctures

    Often referred to as mother tincture, is a hydroalcoholic solution obtained by macerating plants in alcohol at 70°.

    Our tinctures are certified in Organic Farming, with the mention Nature and Progress.

  • Aroma Care

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  • Aromatherapy accessories

    We have selected products (gellules, tablets and other accessories) to make it easier for you to use our essential oils and floral waters.

  • Essential oils

    In our distillery, essential oils are made by steam distillation, with low pressure, in stainless steel, without altering their constitution or their properties.

    They have alimentary uses, or therapeutic uses and are included in many cosmetics and perfumes.

    The essential oils that we make are certified organic and under the label "nature et progrès". We alos have selected other organic essential oils from all around the world.

  • Floral waters

    In our distillery, floral waters are obtained by distillation at low pressure, in stainless steel appliances, not altering their constitution or their properties.

    When we distill, we obtain two products: essential oil and floral water (or hydrolat).

    Lighter in aromatic molecules than essential oils, floral waters are also easier to use.

    The floral waters can be used for multiple purposes: therapeutic, in the kitchen, for laundry or for the bath. They are also part of our cosmetic products.

    All our floral waters are certified in Organic Agriculture.

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