DIY  box :Bath Bomb
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  • DIY  box :Bath Bomb
  • DIY  box :Bath Bomb

DIY box :Bath Bomb

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The DIY Box Sets: The Bath Bomb!
Arôma'plantes offers you to continue your creations with the kit to make bombs... of Bath! To do with children or to relax this kit is a fun and productive activity.
it is composed of:

  • a simple basic recipe to make.
  • 500 gr sachet of baking soda.
  • ua 500 g bag of citric acid.
  • a 300 g bag of green clay to detoxify the skin.
  • a jar of 100 ml of Coco oil to moisturize the skin gently.
  • a 10 ml bottle of Mandarin essential oil for a relaxing and soothing action.
  • a silicone mould to form your bath bomb


DIY box :Bath Bomb

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