May Chang ( litsea cubeba) Essential oil Organic
  • May Chang ( litsea cubeba) Essential oil Organic
  • May Chang ( litsea cubeba) Essential oil Organic

May Chang ( litsea cubeba) Essential oil Organic

Contenance: 10 ml
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May Chang


Origin : China

Distilled part : fruit

Main components : Geranial, neral, limonene


About the plant :

Also known as Exotic Verbena, the Lemon Lily is an evergreen shrub that was grown in China, India and Sri Lanka. It is part of the Lauraceae family. The essential oil of lemon litsée is also known as exotic verbena.


At Arôma'plantes :

We use the May chang Essential oil in our face cream Teint Sublime.


For your information :

Here is a few properties of May chang essential oil:

  • It is mainly recognized for its powerful relaxing properties.
  • It reduces stress, intellectual fatigue, promotes deep relaxation and facilitates restorative sleep.
  • It is also very useful for muscle and joint pain.
  • It effectively fights against skin mycosis.
  • It improves common blood circulation disorders such as cellulite or heavy legs.
  • In case of lack of appetite, the essential oil of lemon litée has the ability to arouse the desire to eat.
  • Its digestive tonic action facilitates digestion while relieving the various ailments related to the digestive system.
  • This oil can also be used as a deodorant and repellent against mosquitoes and flies.
  • It is perfectly adapted to acne-prone oily skin.


All properties described here are from the bibliography and are provided for information purposes and should not be interpreted as medical prescriptions.


Arôma'plantes advice :

It is a perfect essential oil to spread in the house to hunt insects and deodorize pleasantly.

Tip from the Arôma'plantes team.


Based on the bibliography :
Ma bible des huiles essentielles, Danièle Festy
Les propriétés physiques et psychiques des huiles essentielles, Dr Paul Dupont
Huiles essentielles chémotypées, A. Zhiri, D. Baudoux, M.L. Breda


Safety precaution:

Product from organic farming certified by FR BIO 10 - Agriculture hors UE

Essential oil for food use

Therapeutic use of essential oils on medical advice .


Specific References


May Chang ( litsea cubeba)...


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