Lemongrass Essential oil Organic
  • Lemongrass Essential oil Organic
  • Lemongrass Essential oil Organic

Lemongrass Essential oil Organic


Organic Lemongrass essential oil

Contenance: 10 ml
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Origin : Sri Lanka

Distilled part : aerial part

Main components : Geranial, neral, geraniol


About the plant :

Part of the Poaceae family, cousin of the Citronella and the Palmarosa, the Lemongrass is also called Verveine des indes, the strong lemony smell of its leaves embellishes with its aroma the Thai and Malaysian cuisines. Derived from a tropical medicinal plant, Lemongrass essential oil is used for multiple uses.


At Arôma'plantes :

We use the Super Lavendin Essential oil in our shaving soap Mousse du barbier.


For your information :

Here is a few properties of Lemongrass essential oil:

  • Its relaxing, calming and sedative virtues are particularly adapted to situations of anxiety of sleep disorder and low morale.
  • This essential oil helps to dilate blood vessels. The result is better blood circulation in the body and eventually lower blood pressure.
  • Fresh and light, it is also an antiseptic and deodorizing pleasant to diffuse.
  • It is effective in cases of muscle and joint pain.
  • Invigorating circulatory system, it is an essential oil of choice against stretch marks, cellulite and orange skin.
  • It is very effective for removal of fat and in case of sports injuries.
  • Finally, this highly versatile essential oil also helps fight viral, mycotic and parasitic infections.
  • It relieves stomach pain during colic or painful periods and stimulates the functions of the pancreas.
  • In skin application, it is used to overcome dull hair and oily skin.


All properties described here are from the bibliography and are provided for information purposes and should not be interpreted as medical prescriptions.


Arôma'plantes advice :

It is a perfect essential oil to spread in the house to hunt mosquitoes, its fragrance is fresher and finer than that of Citronella.

Tip from the Arôma'plantes team.


Based on the bibliography :
Ma bible des huiles essentielles, Danièle Festy
Les propriétés physiques et psychiques des huiles essentielles, Dr Paul Dupont
Huiles essentielles chémotypées, A. Zhiri, D. Baudoux, M.L. Breda


Safety precaution:

Product from organic farming certified by FR BIO 10 - Agriculture hors UE

Essential oil for food use

Therapeutic use of essential oils on medical advice .


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