Peppermint Berlingots
  • Peppermint Berlingots

Peppermint Berlingots


Le Berlingot de Carpentras, La Menthe poivrée de Sault... associés pour une saveur unique !

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« The Berlingot de Carpentras», one of the oldest candies in France, is made with candied fruit syrup. It takes the form of small, hard, translucent pyramids streaked with white.

This small sweetness flavored with essential oil of Peppermint transports you to the foot of Mont Ventoux, the Giant of Provence!

Our berlingots are made by Confiserie du Mont Ventoux in Carpentras, with our Peppermint essential oil.

Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, Peppermint essential oil


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