Cedar - Floral water - Organic
  • Cedar - Floral water - Organic
  • Cedar - Floral water - Organic

Cedar - Floral water - Organic

Contenance: 200 ml
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Cedar - Floral water - Organic


Origin : Aroma'plantes

Distilled part : plant


About the plant :

Native to the Middle East, the Cedar is considered a sacred tree. In ancient Egypt, it was used for mummy embalming ceremonies, and is believed to promote spiritual elevation. Used in Tibetan temples, it is a symbol of strength, power and courage. It is a huge tree and one of the most majestic.


At Arôma'plantes :

We use Cedar floral water in our Gel Fraicheur.


For your information :

Here are a few properties of Cedar floral water :

  • Toning and purifying the scalp, it regulates hair that is too greasy or too dry, and combats hair loss, irritation, itching and dandruff.
  • It is also recommended for oily and acne-prone skin.
  • Draining, Cedar is ideal for problems with heavy legs, venous stasis and water retention.
  • It effectively fights cellulite.
  • It is also a good venous decongestant, lymphatic and arterial regenerative.
  • On animal coats, it helps to sanitise and regenerate.


All properties described here are from the bibliography and are provided for information purposes and should not be interpreted as medical prescriptions.


Arôma'plantes advice :

It is a perfect hydrolat, associated with Cypress hydrolat to make a circulatory cure treatment.

Tip from the Arôma'plantes team.



Safety precaution:

Product from organic farming certified by FR BIO 10 - Agriculture France

Floral water for food use

Therapeutic use of floral waters on medical advice.

Based on the bibliography :

L'hydrolathérapie, Lydia Bosson
Hydrosol mon ami, Nelly Grosjean
Les sites: Fermedesaussac


Specific References


Cedar - Floral water - Organic


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