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Thyme Organic



Origin: Aromaplantes

Part of the plant: Flowers and leaves

Bag of : 35 gr

About the plant :

Thyme was widely used for its antiseptic and tonic properties. During Ancient Egypt, it was used for mummification rituals because it stops the proliferation of bacteria. In the Middle Ages, its antiputridal properties made it an ally of choice for ulcers, leprosy, etc. There are many different varieties of thyme, and each variety has distinct effects, so it is advisable to separate them well.

For your information :

Here are some properties of Thyme :

  • Its antiseptic properties make it a very good cleansing agent of the respiratory tract.

  • It relieves oral ailments in the form of mouth baths.

  • It also relieves bowel disorders.

  • It is effective on many skin problems.
  • It fights against skin aging

Thyme is the faithful companion of the Laurel that it accompanies in the «bouquet garni» perfuming vegetables, meats, fruits and marinades. It binds perfectly to all the other herbs.

Product from organic farming certified byFR BIO 10 - Agriculture France

Plant for food use

Therapeutic use of plants on medical advice.

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- Tisanes : guide pratique pour toute la famille (Dr Claire Laurant-Berthoud, Editions Jouvence)


Thyme Organic


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