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Linden Organic



Origin: Aromaplantes

Part of the plant: Flowers

Bag of : 40 gr

About the plant :

Linden was dedicated to Venus and has always been widely used in continental Europe, both in medicine and in witchcraft. It was not until the Renaissance that its curative uses were recorded. Pierandrea Matthioli used plaster-chewed bark on wounds, as well as crushed flowers on tumours. In those same years, Linden flowers began to be used against nervous disorders, dizziness and epilepsy, even if this last virtue is today disavowed.

For your information :

Here are some properties of Linden :

  • It is best known for its nervous system properties and tranquilizer effects.

  • Soft sedative, Linden Flower Herbal Tea is particularly recommended for sleeping, especially for people who tend to overthink.

  • It also reduces headaches and panic attacks.

  • It reduces nasal secretions and relieves digestive problems. Promoting perspiration, Linden is effective to lower the temperature.
  • Its benefits are also recognized in the elimination of toxins

Product from organic farming certified byFR BIO 10 - Agriculture France

Plant for food use

Therapeutic use of plants on medical advice.

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Linden Organic


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