Geranium floral water Organic
  • Geranium floral water Organic
  • Geranium floral water Organic

Geranium floral water Organic

Contenance: 200 ml
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Origin : Aroma'plantes

Distilled part : plant


About the plant :

Native to southern Africa, the Pelargonium - or Geranium of florists - belongs to the Geraniaceae family. Gardeners have tried many hybridizations over the centuries and there are now more than 600 species of Geranium! The specific epithet graveolens comes from the Latin and means «whose smell is strong»


At Arôma'plantes :

We use the Geranium hydrolate in our care Duo Visage dry skin.


For your information :

Here is a few properties of Geranium hydrolate :

  • Known to be an ally of the skin due to its regenerating, anti-inflammatory and hemostatic action, it is recommended for oily and acne skin, with sores or burns.
  • It is also ideal after shaving for irritation, redness, small sores.
  • It helps to balance the epidermis, thus to regulate the excess sebum in oily skin and dryness for dry skin.

  • Its tonic action will bring radiance to tired and dull complexions.
  • Thanks to its action burns fat, it promotes the elimination of sugars and will therefore be an ally of choice in slimming cures.
  • Regulator of sugar levels in the blood, it is ideal for diabetes problems.
  • It balances spleen and pancreas, and can be taken as a cure in case of slow digestion.
  • Thanks to its sweet and flowery smell, this floral water will bring joy and lightness.
  • It has a calming action.


All properties described here are from the bibliography and are provided for information purposes and should not be interpreted as medical prescriptions.


Arôma'plantes advice :

It is a perfect hydrolate, associated with Verbenon Rosemary hydrolate to make a diuretic cure treatment.

Tip from the Arôma'plantes team.


Based on the bibliography :
L'hydrolathérapie, Lydia Bosson
Hydrosol mon ami, Nelly Grosjean
Les sites: Fermedesaussac


Safety precaution:

Product from organic farming certified by FR BIO 10 - Agriculture France

Floral water for food use

Therapeutic use of floral waters on medical advice.


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Geranium floral water Organic


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