Cypress macerate Organic
  • Cypress macerate Organic

Cypress macerate Organic


Organic cypress macerate

Contenance: 50 ml
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Cupressus sempervirens

Origin : Aromaplantes

Ingredients : Sunflower oil, Cypress branch

For your information :

Here are some properties of the Cypress Macerate:

  • It acts on varicose veins and hemorrhoids.

  • In chest massage, it has an action on bronchial cough.

  • In massage on the lower abdomen it acts on the uterine pain and regulates the flow in case of significant bleeding.

  • Soothes rheumatic pain. When applied to the face, it reduces the rosacea.

  • In foot massage, it helps fight perspiration.

Safety precaution :

Product from organic farming certified by FR BIO 10 - Agriculture France

Macerate for food use

Therapeutic use of macerations on medical advice.

Based on the bibliography :
La bible des huiles essentielles (Danièle Festy, Editions Leduc.s)
Les huiles de fleurs solarisées (Docteur Claudine Luu, Editions Dangles)

Bottle of 50ml


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Cypress macerate Organic


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