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Oregano Organic



Origin: Aromaplantes

Part of the plant: Flowers and leaves

Bag of : 30 gr

About the plant :

Also called «Wild Marjoram», Oregano was used by the ancients as a counterpoison, it was used in infusion, anointing or plaster. Pliny praised its effects against pneumonia and cough and it entered the composition of Roman dishes, thanks to its digestive virtues.

For your information :

Here are some properties of Oregano :

  • It treats bloating and flatulence, improves transit and relieves digestive and intestinal disorders.

  • Improves appetite in sick people.

  • Analgesic, it greatly reduces muscle, joint, dental pain and headache.

  • Antitussive, it improves the state of the respiratory tract. Toning, oregano serves in cases of fatigue.
  • Oregano is also used for painful periods.

  • It is an antiseptic plant that cleanses the digestive tract.

  • Oregano also helps fight against the development of bacteria.
  • It relieves wounds, burns, insect bites and all skin irritation.

Oregano accompanies all dishes of Mediterranean origin, based on tomatoes, fresh cheese, olive oil, etc. It is indispensable to the famous Neapolitan pizza, as well as to the "pissaladière provençale".

Product from organic farming certified byFR BIO 10 - Agriculture France

Plant for food use

Therapeutic use of plants on medical advice.

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- Tisanes : guide pratique pour toute la famille (Dr Claire Laurant-Berthoud, Editions Jouvence)


Oregano Organic


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