Castor vegetable oil Organic
  • Castor vegetable oil Organic

Castor vegetable oil Organic


Organic Castor vegetable oil

Contenance: 50 ml
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Ricinus communis

Origin: India

For your information :

Here are some properties of Castor Vegetable Oil:

  • Oil of very high viscosity, it is also purifying, softening, healing and relieves skin conditions.

  • It is used against cracks, crevices, and other types of skin infections.

  • Effective against brown spots on face and hands and pregnancy mask.

  • It strengthens hair, nails and lashes and promotes their growth.

Safety precautions:

From Castor grown in organic farming.

Ingrédient for organic cosmetic.

Cosmetic use of vegetable oils on the advice of a professional.

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Castor vegetable oil Organic


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